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Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912NA

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Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912NA

Brand Name : Yokogawa

Model Number : EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN

Certification : CCC

Place of Origin : Germany

MOQ : 1

Price : Rmb 8800/pcs

Payment Terms : T/T,

Supply Ability : 1000/Pcs/Week

Delivery Time : 3

Packaging Details : 1Pcs/Box

Measuring mileage : 1.45-7200 psi

High precision : ±0.075%

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Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912NA

The EJA-E series transmitter is the latest development of Yokogawa DPharp pressure transmitters, which will be released in 2012. It has the ruggedness and success of the EJA-A series, and it also has the superior technology and performance of EJX. Its performance and reliability have been enhanced with built-in security certification. Its small form factor and rugged material meet the robustness requirements of Yokogawa products.

1. Product introduction:
EJA smart transmitter is a new product of Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd., which is the first to adopt digital sensor-single crystal silicon resonant sensor. The sensor outputs a pair of difference digital signals, which directly eliminates external interference in the sensor part and creates a transmission. The new era of the device. The product has higher precision (± 0.075%), higher stability and reliability, and has been well received by the public.
2. Product Features:
The world's first - single crystal silicon resonant sensor
Monocrystalline silicon resonant sensor
High precision: ±0.075%
Output: 4~20 (mA)
Measuring mileage: 1.45-7200 psi
No need to adjust for 5 years of continuous work
Temperature effects are negligible
The static pressure effect is negligible
One-way overpressure effect: the impact amount after ≤ 100,000 one-way overpressure test ≤ ± 0.03%
Two-way communication function (BRAIN/HART protocol, FF fieldbus)
Complete self-diagnosis function
Small, lightweight (standard 3.9kg)
3. Static pressure effects are ignored
When static pressure (working pressure) is applied, the two resonant beams with the same shape, size and material have the same deformation, so the frequency changes are also the same, so the deviation is automatically cleared (the formula and the graph are similar to the temperature effect).
4. Excellent one-way overvoltage characteristics
The liquid-collecting diaphragm and the bellows body adopt the original corrugation processing technology, so that when the external pressure is increased to a certain value, the liquid-contacting membrane can be completely in contact with the body, and the pressure transmitted by the silicone oil to the sensor no longer increases with the increase of the external force. In order to achieve the protection of the sensor. (Fig. 4) and (Fig. 5) show the EJA overvoltage characteristics.
5. Flexible installation
Can be installed directly without a bracket
Conventional use, no three-valve

Yokogawa has more than 45 years of experience in the development, design and manufacture of pressure sensors and pressure/differential pressure transmitters. The DPharp series of digital pressure sensors use the high precision differential pressure resonance (DPharp) sensor, representing the most innovative advanced transmitter technology. The DPharp EJA series of intelligent pressure/differential pressure transmitters offer high performance, high reliability and high stability. The core of the transmitter - the pressure sensor uses silicon resonant sensing technology, proven to be highly reliable on site, and the product is complete, suitable for a variety of

For 4 to 20 mA HART / BRAIN
(Output signal code D and J)
Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital
communications, linear or square root programmable.
BRAIN or HART FSK protocol are superimposed on
the 4 to 20 mA signal.
Output range: 3.6 mA to 21.6 mA
Output limits conforming to NAMUR NE43 can be
pre-set by option code C2 or C3.
For 1 to 5 V HART
(Output signal code Q)
Three or four wire low power 1 to 5 V DC output with
HART, linear or square root programmable.
HART protocol are superimposed on the 1 to 5 V DC
Output range: 0.9 V to 5.4 V DC
Failure Alarm (Output signal code D and J)
For 4 to 20 mA HART / BRAIN
(Output signal code D and J)
Output status at CPU failure and hardware error;
Up-scale: 110%, 21.6 mA DC or more (standard)
Down-scale: ?5%, 3.2 mA DC or less

Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-DLS5J-912DA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-DMS4G-912DB/D4/FU1
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JFS5J-912EA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JLS5G-919DB/KU22/X2/D4/M01/T12
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4G-919EA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4G-919EB
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912DA/NF2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912EA/NS21
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912NA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-914EA/NS21/K2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-917EA/NF2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-912EA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-912EB/HG
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-914EA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-917EA/NF2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-DMS4G-912DB/SF2/D4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-912NN
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-917NA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-917DA/NS21
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JLS5G-932DB/FU1/D4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JFS0J-717EA/NF2/A
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JFS5J-917EA/NF2/CV/D1
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5G-932DB/FU1/D4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-DMS5J-915DA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JFS5J-912EA/NS21
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-919DB/D4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JLS5G-91CEB/NF2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JFS5J-914EB
Yokogawa differential pressure transmitter EJA110E-JHS4G-91CEJ/HG
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-717DC/NS21
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-917DA/K2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714DL
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-717EN
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-917EB
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JHS5J-919DN
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JHS5J-712EC
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JHS5J-912EB
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JLS0J-810DA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JLT4J-917EB/NS21
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS2J-917EB
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JFS5J-917EB
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JHS5J-917EB
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-917EB
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMH4G-917DB
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS0J-915EL
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-919EA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912EA/NF2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JHS5J-912EA
Yokogawa differential pressure transmitter EJA110E-JHS4J-91DA/NS1
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4G-912DN
Yokogawa differential pressure transmitter EJA110E-JFS4J-919EA
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JFS5J-717EC/NF2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-919DB/NF2
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4G-919DD
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-914EN
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5G-919EC/K1
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4G-919DB/KS21/X2/D3/C2/N4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-FMS4G-919DB/KS26/X2/D3/N4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4G-919EB/KS21/X2/D3/N4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4G-919DB/KS21/X2/D4/C3/N4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-FMS4G-919DB/KS26/X2/D4/N4
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4G-71DED/KU22/T12/M1
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5G-917NA/K6
Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-DLS4G-932DA/NF2

China Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912NA wholesale

Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS5J-714NN Yokogawa Transmitter EJA110E-JMS4J-912NA Images

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